Clan McIntosh Feuds & Battles

Over the centuries Clans McIntosh’s feuds and battle stories have formed countless chronicles, epic tales and sagas that have spread far beyond Scottish shores.

clan mcintoshBattle of the North Inch

A Trial by Combat where by Clan McIntosh leading the Clan Chattan Confederation fought Clan Kay for the court of King Robert III in 1396. 30 clansmen from each side wielding axes, swords, targes, bows and arrows meet in Perth, Scotland. Full Battle


Battle of Largsbattle of largs

The Battle of Largs was fought between the Scottish and Norwegian Kingdoms during the Scottish Norwegian war of 1263. Ferquhard MackIntosh fought in the battle near Largs, Scotland that had emerged from a land dispute. King of the Scots Alexander III seeking to extend the kingdom to the islands western shores Full Battle


clan cameron clan mcintosh feudFeud Clan Cameron

Clan Cameron and Clan Mackintosh’s Feud said to have lasted 350 years. The history of the feud between the clans is well recorded with both the Cameron and McIntosh clans raiding each others land and  battling. The feud first starting over the lands of Glenlui and Loch Arkaig in Lochaber the seat of Clan Chattan. Feud Details


clan comyn feud mcintosh mackintoshFeud Clan Comyn 

The Clan Comyn Feud with Clan McIntosh-MackIntosh is said to have started when Alexander Comyn captured and hung several MackIntosh men in an area near Rait Caslte seizing land and infuriating Malcolm MackIntosh 10 Chief of the Clan. Full Comyn Feud