Clan Chattan

Angus Mackintosh 6th chief of the Clan Mackintosh married Eva daughter of Gilpatric or Dougal Dall in 1291. Angus MackIntosh then becoming 7th Chief of Clan Chattan residing in Tor Castle the seat of Clan Chattan. Clan Chattan is a confederation of 12 separate highland clans uniting under one banner and chief. Though the claim to Chiefdom has been challenged over the centuries leadership has long been established through the Chiefs of Clan McIntosh.

12 Clans Chattan Confederation

  • Clan Mackintosh
  • Clan Davidson
  • Clan Farquharson
  • Clan MacBean
  • Clan MacGillivray
  • Clan MacIntyre of Badenoch
  • Clan MacLean of Dochgarroch (the Macleans of the North)
  • Clan MacPhail
  • Clan Macpherson
  • Clan Macqueen
  • Clan MacThomas
  • Clan Shaw of Tordarroch

Clan Chattan fighting many fueds and battles leaving chronicles that are the things of legends.