Clan Cameron Feud

clan cameron clan mcintosh feudClan Cameron and Clan Mackintosh’s Feud said to have lasted 350 years. The history of the feud between the clans is well recorded with both the Cameron and McIntosh clans raiding each others land and  battling. The feud first starting over the lands of Glenlui and Loch Arkaig in Lochaber the seat of Clan Chattan. With Angus MackIntosh 6th Chief of Clan MackIntosh and Wife Eva retreating to Rothiemurchus after the previous Chattan Chief had passed leaving the lands absent. Do to hostility from Aonghas Óg of Islay chief of Clan Donald, said to have sought to marry Eva off to one of his own Kin. Clan Cameron quickly seizing the opportunity taking the lands as their own. Setting the stage for the long running feud.

After the death of Angus, his son William Mackintosh 7th Chief of Clan McIntosh a young man was unable to oppose the land grab until becoming a man, at which time sought the return of Clan Chattan lands from their occupiers. In 1337  the Battle of Drumlui was fought between Clan Cameron and Clan Mackintosh with McIntosh  being Victorious. Though this did not end the contention for the land or the bad blood between the 2 clans.

In the 1386 the Battle of Invernahavon became a pivotal point in the feud with Clan Cameron. Fought on the plain of Invernahavon where the River Truim flows into the sprey. Clan Chattan lead by Lachlan, Laird of MacIntosh, confronted by 400 Clan Cameron were nearly defeated in most part caused when internal strife among the Chattan prevailed. Eventually Clan MacPhersons a branch of the Chattan confederation could stand by no longer attacking the Cameron camp with veracity killing all with in reach. Many more of the Cameron were killed while in retreat by the common people of the land chasing them back to from whence they had come.

At a later date the feud was continued when Clan Cameron in number returned to the lands of Glenlui and Loch Arkaig. Capturing all MacIntosh and Chattan cattle in sight. While returning thru Braes of Lochaber Clan Cameron stopped to taunt the Clan Ranald of Keppoch. Sending a messenger, the slender tailor who was believed to be flight of feet to ” beard the lion in his den”. Who having arrived makes clear that the spoils of cattle of his master Mackintosh were passing by and to stop him should they dare. Keppoch quickly assembled his men and dispatched them, but being unprepared for thus engagement being defeated and unable to retrieve the spoils.

The feud then spawned one of its more famous  battles at the Battle of the North Inch. Where by 30 warrior clansmen from each Clan McIntosh and Clan Cameron  fought to the death at Perth, Scottland in front of the Royal Court of Robert III King of the Scots. Clan Chattan-Clan MacIntosh slew all but 1 man who seeing his fate had jumped in the river swimming to safety. Losing 19 of there own, but claiming a decisive victory in the long running feud.

The Battle of Palm Sunday fought on March 20, 1429 Clan Cameron once more met with the steel of Clan McIntosh. Also called  to Massacre of Palm Sunday Clan MackIntosh lead by Malcolm 10th Chief attacked Clan Cameron as they worshiped at church having set fire to the building and bringing death by axe nearly cutting off the line of Clan Cameron.


“Though the Camerons and MacKintoshes agreed in their principles of loyalty, yet their former quarrell about the estate divided them as much as ever, and brought them to ane engadgement on Palm Sunday, which was fought with that obstinacey and furry, that most of the MacKintoshes, and almost the whole tribe of the Camerons, were cutt to peices.”

In 1441 At the Battle of Craig Cailloch the Clan Cameron feud was yet extended once more. During the battle Lachlan MackIntosh was wounded and brother  Gillichallum Mackintosh killed, both sons of Malcolm 10th Chief.

In 1554 Clan Cameron and Clan MacDonald had just finished a successful campaign in the Battle of the Shirts and upon returning home decided to raid in Lochaber with much success and spoils. MackIntosh being the Steward of Lochaber joined forces with Huntly laying waste to many Clan Cameron lands and capturing many of the men. Ewen MacAllan Cameron then have his head removed at the shoulders being placed above the gate of Elgin in Huntly’s country.